Pond Development and Repair Services

Adding A Pond

Ponds can be a great thing to have at at your home or business, and adds to the aesthetics of your home or business as well as they are good for keeping moisture in the area surrounding the pond. If a pond is not installed properly and professionally, it can result in some unnecessary expenses and additional costs down the road.

“That’s the spot!”

Want to install a pond but not sure exactly how to start? Initially you need to make sure you choose a location that is appropriate. The first thing you must do is to find a spot that gets enough run off to fill up a pond because you can’t just put a pond any place unless you want to install a well just for it. The base has to be compacted well with good dirt to create a hard base. Peterson Grading & Excavation can help you find the right spot and assist you with your pond installation from beginning to end.

Planning is key!

We have had customers contact us to fix or repair installations that were initially started by other installers who ‘got in over their head’ and couldn’t tread water. Don’t fall victim to companies or individuals who do not have a track record in pond preparation and installations. We have the experience required to handle all of your pond installation project needs at a very affordable price!

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