Demolition & Land Clearing

Are you looking for an experienced, knowledgeable company to take care of your demolition and land clearing needs in the Charlotte and Concord NC areas? Peterson Grading & Excavation, Inc. has over 30 years of service in the demolition and land clearing industry.


We are able to demolish complete structures or just partials!

Peterson Grading & Excavation, Inc. has the most proficient equipment for your demolition project. We have the knowledge in the demolition industry to skillfully remove material from the site and dispose or recycle in the most environmentally safe manner. We have labored with the City of Concord in demolition projects in abolishing undesirable structures.

Peterson Grading & Excavation, Inc. is insured and have the experience for the successful completion of your demolition project in the Charlotte/Concord areas.


We’ll clear the way for your next big project!

As a land clearing service provider in the Charlotte/Concord areas, Peterson Grading & Excavation, Inc. has completed clearing projects for Residential and Commercial land owners for over 30 years. Removal of debris without causing damage or causing erosion problems to the site is precisely, Peterson Grading & Excavation’s objective.

We are focused on the successful completion of your Land Clearing Project at a reasonable cost.

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